Conversa com Zahra Davidson — Enrol Yourself

Há algum tempo conversei com Zahra Davidson, cofundadora do projeto Enrol Yourself. Trata-se de uma jornada coletiva de lifelong learning que começou no ano passado na Inglaterra. A Multiversidade está bebendo muito do formato que eles criaram lá. Compartilho abaixo minhas anotações durante a conversa, em inglês.

Síntese da jornada proposta pelo projeto.

Para quem quer saber mais sobre o projeto, deixo alguns links abaixo:

  • Between the bi-weekly meetings with the whole group, they have a smaller meeting with buddy groups (3 people each). They quickly realized that the week frequency was a need for the group to stay more connected and for the momentum to stay full.
  • The meetings are not mandatory, but “you should feel like you have to be there”. A kind of commitment with the group. It can cause a guilty feeling (maybe we can have a disclaimer for people at the beginning).
  • They created meetings (“Get Shit On”) just for people to work together side by side, each of them in his/her own thing (the “Alone, Together” strategy).
  • Enrol Yourself meetings got more and more personal, almost a therapy for people (the same happened with Desaprender here).
  • The group can only make suggestions, it can’t direct the work/learning of anyone. Its difficult for some people to get used to this.
  • Idea: maybe, in their group of 12 people, they could challenge people to create their own communities of practice (related to the themes each one is passionate about). If each member of the group create his/her own community of five people (unofficially enrolled at Enrol Yourself), the impact of the project would be greatly increased (12 x 5 = 60 people).
  • Zahra and Roxana (the co-founders of Enrol Yourself) participate in the marathon, but they also facilitate the process “behind the scenes” (the administrative stuff). “Its weird to be in that position”, said Zahra. But all the people facilitate the sessions, as they share the responsibility for the different moments they spend together. For example, recently they spent a weekend together and each person facilitated one activity and all offered workshops related to the themes they were learning.
  • “How much structure is the best fit for maximizing learning processes?” They are asking this question a lot.
  • One of the questions I asked her was related to the 3 “monsters” of informal learning: procrastination, lack of time and lack of one’s belief in his/her capacity to accomplish things. How do they deal with them? Procrastination: Get Shit On meetings; Lack of time: not so much time spent on meetings (the real learning happens in the real world, at our daily lives); Lack of belief in one’s capacity: they’re still figuring it out, as they didn’t have the expectation that the program would get this personal/therapeutic for the participants.

She’s really nice and we have a lot more to talk in the near future ;) We planned to do another call when we have more clarity about the Multiversidade learning structure. She wants to know more about it.

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